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EMDR Therapists

All of our clinicians are EMDR certified and are specialists in using EMDR to treat a variety of psychological disorders. Each clinician is also able to provide therapy with other treatment theories and approaches in addition to their expertise with EMDR. We strive to hire clinicians who create a safe and compassionate environment, who you can trust, and who truly care about your well-being. We also strive to continuously add to our skills and knowledge by engaging in additional training to learn new tools, methods of doing therapy, and other non-traditional therapy approaches so that we are equipped to help you even if EMDR isn't an effective treatment option for you or you'd like to try something else.

Thomas Childs
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

Tommy is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist that specializes in treating individuals with trauma, anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues. After being trained in EMDR in 2017, it has been his preferred method of therapy in treating psychological issues. He's seen hundreds of clients improve from EMDR in as little as a few sessions with a handful showing drastic improvements in only one session. He believes that healing is possible for everyone and that EMDR will help you heal faster and more efficiently than standard therapy techniques. Tommy also specializes in REBT, a branch of CBT, for talk therapy and practices various spiritual healing modalities as alternatives to EMDR or used in conjunction with it. Tommy is a Reiki master and is proficient in past life regression therapy and Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

Glade Woolstenhulme
Social Worker 

Glade is a dedicated clinical social worker who specializes in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). He’s passionate about helping individuals overcome the impact of trauma, anxiety, and depression. With a strong focus on trauma-related areas of life, he offers a safe and nurturing space for clients to embark on their journey towards emotional well-being.

At the heart of Glade's practice is a commitment to empowering individuals to reclaim their inner strength and lead fulfilling lives. He is dedicated to creating a collaborative therapeutic alliance that honors each client's unique experiences and fosters growth.

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