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Virtual EMDR

Virtual EMDR Therapy vs. In-Person EMDR Therapy

Not everyone can attend therapy in person due to time or distance constraints or even due to psychological issues such as agoraphobia or extreme social anxiety. Fortunately, virtual therapy can be done with EMDR as easily as it can be done in person.

Effectiveness of Virtual EMDR

There is a general consensus within the therapeutic community that in-person therapy is preferred to virtual therapy. Up to 70% of communication is done through body language and virtual appointments reduce a clinician's ability to pick up on cues that may be demonstrated through body language done off camera. That being said, if virtual visits are preferred by you for any reason, therapy is still equally effective.

The only difference between doing EMDR virtually or in person is that you will be using your computer screen or phone as the medium for treatment as opposed to the tablet provided when attending in person. This has no impact on effectiveness and many clients have successfully completed therapy without ever having stepped into the office.

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